Bunk BedsCome From Past Till Modern

Bunk BedsCome From Past Till Modern


Although the origins of the bunk beds are not documented for lack of sufficient evidence, they go back to the hundreds and thousands of years to ancient Egypt. Some traces of the bed, similar in concept to modern day bunk beds have been found there. However, the biggest influence and the pioneer of bunk beds is now the bed used by sailors or navy and sometimes by artillery. The bunk beds will accommodate more for only the first floor space and this concept appeals to the designers of children’s furniture. Families with two or more teens can now offer an individual bed for each child However, the floor of the dwelling room will remain the same as that of an extra bed.


In the process of evolution, the world of children’s furniture takes care to incorporate almost every aspect that will keep children and parents happy at the same time. Unlike bunk beds in the past, modern day designers put in all their imagination to make it look very attractive. They even went as far as merging the concept of stacking children with novelty children’s bedding and then modern day designs that captivated the bunk beds.


This children’s furniture is anything but just a simple bed; they often are a piece to show off at home. This quality alone makes them the first choice for children. It would be unnatural for anyone, even an adult, to not like a bed in a level bus style. The upper and lower levels of the fort are no less interesting. Children’s furniture stores more often take pride in showing these types of bunk beds for their little customers and their careers.


Again the variations in this section are also worth mentioning. Of ironwood or other hardy materials that can hold well for the purpose yet to look elegant is the choice of time. Various also pay attention to the combination of bed sizes attached with each other. Until a few years ago, one could not imagine any style except the same size bed, more often two single or twin beds sitting on top of another. Today, twin combinations over twins, twin top double, and twin top kings are common.



These indonesian teak garden furniture designers have even paid their attention to the utilitarian value of the bed. Knowing that only sleep is not enough for Families with small houses, architects attached storage facilities to the bed. Thus the bunk beds of today are complete in design and beauty and are achieved in providing the best storage possible that makes them compact units ready to serve small household needs. Nonetheless, today’s loft bed is just a variation on bunk beds and therefore, is another very efficient type of piece of furniture with aesthetic and functional dining in it.

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