Jepara Wood Factory

Jepara Wood Factory  Made Various furniture and crafts. The more unique and unique Jepara furniture is a leading manufacturer of high quality indoor and outdoor furniture, furnished with beautiful teak wood and woodwork as a furniture supplier in Indonesia. Jepara Furniture Online is a leading supplier of antique and contemporary furniture made in Jibara, Central Java, Indonesia. Jepara Furniture comes in many designs made of high quality teak, named after itself, to provide high-quality indonesian teak furniture made from solid wood. Jepara Furniture Wooden Furniture We offer a long and exotic life with durability and elegance that offers the most important benefits of all kinds of hardwoods. Main domestic wooden furniture products for indoor and outdoor use and joint farm of tropical wood and wood products.

jepara wood factory


The most comprehensive online collection and quality assurance made with teak are all natural resources. All Jepara furniture manufacturers are modern exclusive collections that make quality simple and useful with very affordable timber furniture in Jepara, Indonesia. An Indonesian furniture company with innovative, durable and elegant products and authentic varieties. Decorate your furniture with genuine inspiration in a modern choice as well as proven quality, comfort and antique look. Jepara style style of furniture in Indonesia, with a lot of amazing elements that fit a variety of designs and diverse needs. The largest exporter of processed teak products, well-known in the Indonesian wood furniture market, has been fully experienced in delivering Indonesian wooden furniture rated as strength and resin Jepara Indonesia furniture.