Cool Beard Style that Many Men Like!

 Cool Beard Style that Many Men Like!For some women, bearded men have their own charm. They are considered more manly and tough. And apparently, moustaches or beards are not just fine hairs that are allowed to grow. As with hairstyles, the male moustache and beard model can also show his personality.

Beard Styles

Beard Styles

Full Beard

One example of a handsome man who uses this style is George Clooney. This beard reminds him of academics, and people who have serious personalities. The owner of this beard style is also alleged to be a very religious person. Although this style looks rather old-fashioned, there are still many men who use beard styles like this,” he said.


Have you ever heard the term goatee beard? Many men like to let their moustaches and beards grow like this, one of them is the handsome actor, Brad Pitt. This beard was popular in the mid-1990s. According to Peterkin, people who still have beards like this include people who are still trapped in their past lives.


A messy beard styles seems to be a trend. Especially after the handsome actor Ryan Gosling popularized it. This man with a bearded model is considered to have a person who always wants to look stylish.


Not only moustaches and beards, but men also often keep their sideburns like Elvis Presley. Although at first glance it looks unique, be careful because men who like to keep their sideburns tend to like having fun.


Chinstrap is a model of beard, moustache and unified sideburns, but is formed in thin lines. This style is usually used by black American rap singers, for example, 50 cents or P Diddy. Although it seems strong and fierce, Peterkin reveals that the bearded owner actually has an opposite personality. These men have personalities who seek attention by showing their weaknesses.

What Beard Style is Popular in the 70s?


In the 70s, the moustache was a sexual marker, not just to distinguish between men and women. However, moustaches are also used as a marker of male sexual orientation, such as male whiskers, moustache porn, gay whiskers, and bisexual moustaches. More than that, a moustache is a symbol of men’s self-confidence. A moustache is also often identified with the personality of a man who is arrogant, arrogant, and doesn’t care about anything,he said.


This moustache has a curved shape like a horseshoe. This moustache model signifies a man who likes to rebel. This moustache is also often regarded as a biker and wrestler’s moustache, which later became popular as Hulk Hogan’s moustache.


Handlebar whiskers or moustaches that widened to the side like David Beckham did look old fashion. But the man who has this moustache turns out to have a pleasant personality.

Patch Soul

Men who shave off their moustaches and leave only a little beard in the centre of the chin, like JC Chasez’s, are considered to be men who have a unique personality. This beard model was first introduced in the 50s and was adopted by the hippies in the 60s.

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops is a moustache model that curves downward and blends with the sideburns but is clean on the chin or beard. According to Peterkin, the man who uses this moustache model is a man with a big heart. well, that’s some cool beard styles that many men like. What you can follow for your awkward style.

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