Indonesian Teak Garden Furniture

Indonesia is famous for its teak garden furniture because it has quality raw materials, as well as experienced Indonesia furniture manufacturers, working on various types of models and quality designs. Teak wood raw material is chosen for teak garden furniture because the wood is sturdy, strong and durable. Treatment also does not need to require complicated skills and do not need to require a lot of time, because it is quite practical and does not need people with special abilities or expertise. The oily nature of teak is one of the factors that this type of wood has high quality. The treatment is also sufficient by using teak oil, applied to the surface of teak-based furniture.

Teak wood raw materials themselves can be categorized into several classes, according to their quality, each is the best choice in accordance with the benefits and uses. Teak garden furniture consists of Grade A, Grade B and Grade C, all of which were taken legally from government companies that specifically deal with forestry issues, including the preservation of teak wood (Perhutani). Solid raw materials make it the first choice for the manufacture of high-quality furniture, including the main part, until the roots of teak can be utilized as furniture with high creativity.

If the price of Indonesian teak garden furniture is too high, there is still an alternative to own it, namely by making Indonesian furniture from recycled teak garden furniture. Used teak wood material in the restoration to be formed, and get a new form of teak garden furniture with the same quality, and appearance is not much different from a new purchase. In addition, the second hand teak garden furniture market is also still very salable, inseparable from its good quality.

Teak garden furniture can also be combined with other ingredients, becoming a superior product with a more modern, futuristic and attractive appearance without reducing quality. The following are other ingredients which can be mixed with teak, which are rattan, stainless steel, metal, textilene.

Imagine you can have lunch in the park, with a set of teak garden dining furniture in the midst of the atmosphere, the cool air under the lush trees, it will be a memorable experience. The device has many kinds and there are even unique types such as teak extendable garden Indonesian furniture, can be adjusted in length, the width can be adjusted in a fairly easy way.