How to Share WhatsApp Status in Facebook Story

How to Share WhatsApp Status in Facebook Story – A few months ago, precisely in June 2019, WhatsApp was testing new features. The new feature allows users to share the user’s WhatsApp Status on Facebook Story. The trial process ran smoothly, and there were no problems. Therefore, WhatsApp will bring Whatsapp Status sharing capabilities to Facebook Story to its users immediately.

How to Share WhatsApp Status in Facebook Story

WhatsApp has not yet made an official announcement regarding this matter. But in the Twitter platform, many WhatsApp users have reported the capabilities of the feature. Meanwhile, for the WhatsApp for iPhone application in India, and Android smartphones in Europe have not received an update of this feature. Reportedly, the presence of the status sharing feature between platforms is still limited.

How to Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story

If your Android device has the new feature on the WhatsApp application, you can see the “Share to Facebook Story” option under “My Status” on the “Status” tab. Meanwhile, the Share button is on the right. If you press the Share button, a sharing menu will appear. The menu shows various applications that can be used to share WhatsApp status.

If you press the “Share to Facebook Story” option, a Facebook icon will appear. Then, when pressing the Facebook icon, it will automatically open the application, letting users share WhatsApp Status with their Facebook Story.

In addition, if a user uploads several new statuses, all of them will be able to be shared on Facebook Story. For this reason, if users want to share only one of their statuses, they must enter the “My Status” option then select what they want to share. To do this, tap the three dot button on the top right corner, then select the “Share to Facebook Story” option.

Unprotected Encryption

For the record, WhatsApp Status shared to Facebook or other applications is not protected with end-to-end encryption. In addition, WhatsApp Status sharing feature to Facebook Story will also only be available if the user has a Facebook application on Android, Facebook on iOS, or Facebook Lite installed on the user’s smartphone. Source: WhatsApp 2020