How to Prevent Home Decorating Problems Before You Start

Many DYI home decorators have great ideas, but somewhere between start and finish, the plans go awry. The decisions you make are important to the success of your project. Make the wrong decisions and the expenses can quickly multiply and you will end up with disappointing results.

You will save considerable time and money, and you will more likely finish the project on time and under budget, when you make the important decisions in the beginning.

The following don’ts will help you complete your project without turning your home decorating experience into a nightmare:
o Do not buy several pieces of furniture or a mix of lamps and throw pillows just because they were on sale or you liked the color.

o Do not paint walls any color you happen to like or you found the paint on sale before deciding what you are going to do with the space.


o Do not leave home without swatches and paint chips. Your memory will play tricks with you if you try to remember what color will match with what item.

o Do not forget to draw a tentative floor plan to scale. Have a good idea what will go in the room and where so that you get an idea of space available. You do not want oversized sofas and chairs stuffed into a small space.

o Do not choose items on sale and think that you can place them anywhere. Just because a lamp may be a neutral color, crystal, or even tall or short, does not mean it will look okay within your redecorated room.

If you want a room that you will want to show your family and friends, you need to take the time to plan. Make lists, choose styles, colors, and textures with care, and take the time to shop around until you find the right items for your new space.

When you have made the appropriate decisions and have a picture of the finished project in mind and on paper, your home decorating project will go much more smoothly and you will end up with a finished space you can be proud to show others.

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