Download Google Chrome 77 Offline Installer

Download Google Chrome 77 Offline Installer – Google Chrome 77 introduces several performance enhancements to speed up your browsing experience, including new performance metrics that helps web developers measure how fast the content of a web page loads so you can access it faster than ever, as well as new form capabilities to support custom form controls. It has not always been easy for developers to measure how quickly the main content of a web page loads and is visible to users. The usefulness of existing metrics varies. Some metrics are only measurable in a lab, while others tell nothing about content that users care about. Consider the example below, taken from a DevTools performance audit,” said Google.

Additionally, Google Chrome 77 introduces new origin trials that lets you to try new Chrome features before they are released and give feedback to the web standards community on their usability, effectiveness, and practicality. Users will be able to register for the origin trials here. Of course, there are also various other smaller changes that aren’t visible to users, but that will make your Chrome experience better. Last but not least, Google fixed a total of 52 security vulnerabilities in Chrome 77, and you can learn all about them in the release announcement.

Download Google Chrome 77 Offline Installer

Meanwhile, you can Download Google Chrome 77 for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows right now or update your installations via OTA updates. Android users can update to Google Chrome 77 by installing it from the Google Play store app directly on their devices. But if Chrome 77 had a central theme, that would be “performance.” This release includes several new features that had been added to help developers gauge the performance of how their sites are loading inside Chrome. The most useful of these is a new metric called “Largest Contentful Paint.” This is available in Chrome’s Developer Tools section. Developers can use it to measure the time Chrome takes to display a readable version of their site in the “above-the-fold” (user-visible) section of the browser, while the rest of the site still loads in the background.

The idea is to allow developers to optimize content that needs to load first and defer the loading of elements that aren’t visible on-screen at first. Largest Contentful Paint will let developers know how much time it takes for their site to become visible to users, and work towards getting this metric down, rather than optimize performance metrics that don’t usually mean anything to end-users. You can find the feature by clicking on the menu button and selecting the ‘Share’ option. Alternatively, you can simply right click on a link where you see the option to “Send this page” which will allow you o hare with any device logged on to your Google account. You do have to bear in mind though that the feature hasn’t been activated in macOS yet.

Google’s also made a change to what’s called an Extended Validation indicator  the little icon that appears to the left of the URL in the Chrome omnibar — such that it no longer displays the website’s company name if it does use extended validation TLS/SSL certificates; Google found that displaying this information just took up space and didn’t essentially benefit users. The Android version also includes tweaks to the Downloads screen and a new Contact picker sheet. You can download Chrome 77 here for macOS, Linux, and Windows, while Android and iOS users can head on over to the Google Play Store and App Store respectively.