Full Windows 11 review of the latest 2021 Features

The use of Windows is one of the technologies in computers that continues to experience rapid development from year to year. The presence of Windows 11, which is the result of upgrading Windows 10, which has been used for 4 years, will be officially released in 2020. Various parties have made a review of Windows 11 with its latest complete features, you should know. Read other review articles at Decdeg.com

Do you know? Windows 11 has its own advantages. Windows 11 is the most comprehensive and modern operating system of all time or in the history of Microsoft Windows. The first experience using it you will receive the best impression of the state-of-the-art facilities in it. One of them is the ability for personal operating systems but can be used for all types of devices. Interesting right?

If you are not sure about the advantages of Windows 11, this time we will discuss the review features of Windows 11 update2 020. It will help you to know the technology in Windows 11 which is different from Windows 10, 8, 7 and so on. From here, you will also find out if Windows 11 is right for you to use? Please read more.

Full Windows 11 review of the latest 2020 Features

  1. Blending Desktop and Modern user interface features

The first feature review we discuss is the Blending desktop feature and the modern user interface in Windows 11. Did you know? With this facility, it allows users to be able to use applications based on UI on the desktop. Previously this sophistication was designed in Windows 8.1 as its predecessor series first. In Windows 11 we will see the results of developing and upgrading to Windows 11.

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  1. Features of Esquisite Start Button

Previously, the Esquisite Start Button feature in Windows 8 had created a number of controversies because it had disappeared and became a hot topic at the time. However, the good news is that this feature will be available and reappeared in the desktop version of Windows 11. Of course, with technological developments, this feature will be designed better than the previous version. See: Smadav antivirus 2020 Free Download.

  1. Features Deeper Integration with bing

Well, as we know Microsoft itself has been working with Bing for a long time. This year, it seems that the collaboration is still continuing on Windows 11 which was released in 2020. Just like the previous Windows series, Windows 11 will not be any less sophisticated in terms of providing Deeper Integration features along with Bing.

  1. Advanced power management features

You can find the facilities for Advanced power management features if you have previously had experience using Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 which tend to have a cool and good power management impression. Moreover, in the latest version in Windows 11 later, it is likely that this feature will be upgraded to the most updated version and will make it more efficient in using Windows.

  1. Features Integration with Azure for Cloud Storage

This one feature, according to its name, is that it has the main function of storing data through Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage. Do you know? With the availability of Azure in the operating system on Windows 11, the result will be the integration of parts of the OS into data and file storage or cloud storage. See Also: Tips for Fast Laptop Loading.

  1. Windows 11 Cortana Features

Do not want to lose from various competitors such as the series from Google. So, Windows 11 will again bring the latest Cortana features in Windows 11. This latest feature will have an interactive nature to be able to access files, data, applications and various other information. The use of Windows 11 will be more practical only using the voice that comes out of the user.

  1. Windows 11 available only 64 Bits

The news that Windows 11 will only carry the operating system for 64 bits has actually been discussed for the past 6 years. It is possible that later Windows 11 is only for 64 Bits as it is not impossible. Considering, nowadays if you pay attention to many devices such as laptops or computers that already have sophisticated and high specifications that require installing a 64 bits operating system.

  1. Continuum feature in Windows 11

What is the continuum feature in windows 11? In January 2019, Microsoft itself demonstrated the Continuum feature as an approach and development in Windows 11. Continuum was designed and designed to be able to adapt to Windows from all the equipment that operates on it. An example is the surface on pro 3 which will automatically ask you whether you want to activate tablet mode or not.

  1. Xbox Integration with Windows 11

If we pay attention to the same as the predecessor version in the previous Windows series where there is already a feature called Xbox for playing games. You can find this Xbox application in Windows 11. Of course, the latest Xbox version in Windows 11 has more sophistication than before. Users will be able to record part of the game session via the in-game DVR tool or property and then share it within the Xbox network feature.

  1. Spartan features as a second Web Browser

In Windows 11 you will find the Spartan feature. Spartan is the second web browser from Internet Explorer on Windows 11. This application has been successfully developed by the Microsoft company. However, this Spartan will not replace IE features, but only acts as a second browser. So IE itself is still found in Windows 11.

The description above is complete information related to a brief review of the use of the latest Windows 11 technology in the work and education environment. The various functions and benefits described are able to give you a very helpful overview of using Windows 11 in a more advanced manner. The difference between the latest Windows 11 compared to the previous series has different advantages and disadvantages.

The various concepts in Windows 11 which do you think is the coolest? To prove the sophistication of Windows 11 features, of course you have to take advantage of it and get all the convenience and practicality of this latest Windows 11. Take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology for an easy and fast work experience. I hope this information is helpful.