Jepara Indonesia Furniture

Jepara Indonesia Furniture produces the most complete furniture products for indoor and outdoor made from the main raw material of teak wood native to Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Jepara furniture is well known as the main warehouse, the most famous furniture manufacturing center in Indonesia, with export experience to various countries both Asia, Europe, Australia, the Far East, to America. Experience has proven, supported by hereditary skills, and continues to follow the development of the times, making Jepara Indonesia Furniture as a superior manufacture compared to other companies. Complete facilities, including offices, warehouses, workshops and galleries cause all processes from upstream to downstream can be done at once. There are also many representative offices of buyers from abroad, opening branches here, so they can contact directly with suppliers, so they can get a good offer.

Selected raw materials is one of the main keys why Jepara Indonesia Furniture supplier products are sought after and popular with buyers. All production processes are carried out through high precision, starting with the selection of selected raw materials, production processes with high quality standards, including continuous quality control, to the product finishing process including shipping to the destination. The wood drying process is one of the most important processes, getting top priority, in order to produce high quality wood.


Solid teak furniture is the mainstay, Grade A quality can be found easily here, because it is supported by a guaranteed source of raw materials. All Indonesia Furniture production processes are centralized in the City of Jepara, so prospective buyers can come directly here, including arrangements for shipping, which are carried out via shipping modes including the FOB FOB Tanjung Emas Port, Semarang, Central Java, not far from the city of Jepara itself. Almost more than 90% of Jepara Indonesia Furniture’s products are export oriented, this is because so many routine requests or for certain projects keep coming. World-class furniture products, done with high-level production standards, produce sustainable consumer satisfaction, especially with the inclusion of modern production machinery, increasingly ramped up in accordance with the order.